On 14th and 15th February’16, HS Consultants a distinguished name in foreign education consultants, organized an expo event Study USA & Australia Expo’16 for students who wished to pursue their dreams to Study in USA and Study in Australia. The event was held at PC hotel and spanned over a period of about 2 days, providing ample opportunity for the attendees to accumulate information effectively.

The event was aggressively publicized through a variety of mediums. Ads were published in newspapers and billboards. Apart from that, digital presence of this event was created through Facebook and Google ads. Online registration was available to ensure that students could enroll themselves swiftly and without any hassle.

The expo was an informational event, where individual stalls of different universities were created, in order to cater to the attendees effectively. The visitors were furnished with details and free consultancy on the available opportunities to study in USA and Australia. It was a golden opportunity where students were given face to face consultations and mentored to fulfill their dreams to study abroad.

Study consultant agencies such as HS Consultants work to promote and project opportunities to study in USA and Australia to students who harbor this dream but lack the required guidance and knowledge. The study consultants at HS through their dedicated and diligent efforts offer reliable and concrete assistance, which was greatly appreciated by the turnout and positive feedback of the visitors.