Required by: TOEFL results are used to prove that you are proficient in English language. They make you eligible for applying in programs, which include English language degrees (in non-Anglophone countries). Apart from this, these test results prove beneficial in obtaining a visa for countries where you need to display a good command on English language.

Purpose: To gauge a candidate’s proficiency in English.

Duration: Around four hours and 30 minutes, with a mandatory 10 minute break midway through.

Test content: The test includes the following four sections:

1. Reading: 60-80 minutes are allotted to answer 36-56 questions which have been devised from excerpts of 3-4 paragraphs of academic texts.

2. Listening: A 60-90 minute test based on 34-51 questions revolving around audio recordings of lectures, classroom discussions and conversations.

3. Speaking: 20 minutes are allotted to candidates and they are asked to relate their views and opinions regarding a topic which is familiar to them as well on an issue referred in the reading and listening tasks material.

4. Writing: In a given time span of 50 minutes students are asked to compose two essays, one revolving around the topics introduced during the reading and listening tasks while the other one involves expressing and supporting your stance on a particular topic/issue with suitable reasons and evidence.

Scoring: The overall score is 120 which indicates that each section is scored out of 30. The test takers also provide you with a performance feedback enabling you to understand your mistakes better. The cost of the test allows you t send your score card to four institutions, so for additional score cards you needs to pay extra fee.

Valid for: Two years

Points to note: You need to ensure the specific requirements of the institution you are applying for as different universities accept different types of English proficiency exams as well different test results for a particular type of test. If the standard internet based test cannot be provided at some centers, paper based test is offered which spans over a period of four hours and consists of four sections. It comprises of Listening Comprehension, Structure and Written Expression, Reading Comprehension and the Test of Written English. The total score will be out of 677 and a separate score on a scale of 1-6 for the written section.

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