Wish to enroll yourself for an international course, HS Consultants is the solution to all your queries. They will guide you and assist you from the beginning till the end of the entire process of admission to an international university.

Research material based on universities and study programs
Thorough research is the foremost step towards enrollment for education abroad. A detailed research pertaining to the university you wish to apply and the study programs you wish to enroll for will enable you to know that you fulfill all the entry requirements or not. HS consultants provides you all of this saving you from the hassle of browsing.

Talking to the university
The study consultants at HS communicate with the admission staff and alumni of study programs at foreign universities on a regular basis to discern their expectations regarding their applicants and foreign students. They understand the effectiveness of communication as the key point in understanding a new venture and thus are able to guide you thoroughly.

Have a backup
Our educational consultants advise you to apply to a number of universities of differing standards and entry requirements as it will ensure that you have a first, second and third choice no matter what your test or degree results are.

Apply online
Online applications are easier to process and make the entire practice of admissions a swift and manageable task for the institutions. Our consultants at HS are aware of this and mentor you to fill your applications online befittingly.

Be honest
We at HS Consultants promote that Honesty is the best policy. Our study consultants practice this while conveying the information as well as preach the students to follow this saying to the core,as the international admission staff have a knack of finding out an ‘exaggerated’ application.

Letters of recommendation
Letters of recommendation should be depicting your strengths and skills quite effectively and serve as an evidence of your potential and capability so choose the people who will write these letters of recommendation for you very carefully. Another task, for which, HS Consultants mentors you efficaciously.

Application essays
The admission officer tends to perceive your knowledge of a particular subject through the application essays that you write. Our study consultants invest sufficient time to expertly lead you through the process of writing essays that convince the officer of your abilities and knowledge.

Preparation for tests
Supporting tests which are part of your application are no walk in the park and therefore should be prepared thoroughly. HS Consultants offer you preparatory classes as well as hold seminars which serve to prepare you for the tests.

Additional information
Additional information in the form of letters of recommendation or evidence of your extracurricular activities will enhance your application further and serve as the icing on the cake.

Meet deadlines
Meeting deadlines is evidence enough that you are a responsible applicant . Our foreign education consultants keep you updated on all the deadlines so that you can prepare beforehand to ensure that there is no delay in submitting a complete application.