So, your dream to study as an international student at a foreign university has begun with your acceptance for the program you choose, all thanks to the dedicated and efficient mentorship of our study consultants at HS Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Now while you are waiting for this new chapter of your life to begin, follow our study abroad checklist to ensure you are 100% prepared to venture into a new world.

1. Passport
The most essential entity for your travel abroad is none the less your passport, which you will most definitely not forget. But you need to ensure that there is sufficient room in case of the validity of your passport before you travel. Renewing passports should not be postponed for afterwards as it will just be a pain to face embassy visits, queuing and even more form filling, which is going to be the last thing you would want to do when in an exciting new country.

2. Student Visa
HS Consultants believes in giving proper orientation to the minds of our students and therefore offers a complete package to cater to all the needs of students wishing to pursue foreign education. Visa applications seem like a tough call without any guidance and assistance. Don’t worry we at HS won’t be leaving you stranded and as we have promised will lead you through the entire process of submitting of visa application forms, mockup interviews, medical examinations with a breeze.

3. Finances
Easily accessible and safety are two points to be pondered as far as your finances are concerned. Local currency is a must, avoid withdrawing large amounts of cash at a time. Airports do not offer the best exchange rates so for the conversion of money choose to get it done through local bank, travel agents, bureau de change, post office etc. Specialist online providers are also available and to check for the best rates price comparison websites such as money supermarket comes in handy.

ATM cards come in handy at times, but you need to make sure that your local bank has been informed about your travel plans and the duration of your stay. Plus the validity of your card is an important factor to keep in mind. In order to avoid being penniless ,keeping a budget is the best way to ensure that whether you are employing your personal savings, a scholarship or income from a part time job you will not be with empty hands at the end of each term.

Considering accommodation costs, food and entertainment expenditure, make a list of expenses. This will enable you to research other funding options beforehand.

4. International student scholarships
International student scholarships can serve to ease your worries regarding your finances. HS Consultants make sure to guide you through this aspect of the admission process smoothly and swiftly. Our education consultants research and provide you with valid information regarding the scholarships ,grants and bursaries being offered, your eligibility for a particular scholarship and how to fulfill the requirements and more importantly meet the deadlines.

5. International Student Identity Card (ISIC)
The international Student Travel Confederation has provided a unique way of assisting international students by means of International Student Identity Card. This card serves to be useful as it offers discounts and services around the world.

6. Travel insurance
Travel insurance is not a luxury but a need as it will protect you in case of any unforeseen event or situation in the foreign country. Do not let a doctor’s visit completely devour your precious life savings. Another important factor is that in many countries, international students need to prove that they have health insurance as it is a requirement.

7. Medical
It is pertinent to visit a doctor before your abroad visit to check on your health status and get the required vaccinations done on time. HS Consultants organizes these appointments for you so as to lessen your burden and make the process of visa application quicker. If you need ongoing care, collect your prescription and ask your doctor to send a copy of your medical records abroad, which will be helpful in case of any unforeseen events.

8. Language
In foreign countries the locals do tend to speak a little bit of English but its better to learn the local language to interact and immerse completely in the culture of your new home town.

Evening courses as well smart phone apps which are teach yourself products present comprehensive language learning methods which you can employ at your own feasibility. A varying combination of listening, speaking and writing exercises will enable you to develop a sound knowledge of any particular language.

9. Travel
An important aspect which should not be overlooked is the means of transport which you will use in order to move around and explore the foreign place. HS consultants provides a pre/post departure guide which throws light on some of these things and offers solutions on how to manage them.