Flying off to a far away country in order to gain world class education as an international student is reason enough for you to jump and grab the opportunity. None the less here’s a list of reasons to consolidate this idea further :

1. It’ll look good on your CV
The chance to spread your wings and explore a new country, along with gaining international skills is an excellent way to enhance your CV to land a decent graduate job.

2. Brush up on your language skills
We all pick up some words from a foreign language when we are in school. Well now you will get first hand opportunity to brush up your foreign language skills.

3. Living in a foreign country is completely different to a holiday
Experiencing a new city in the long term as finding out the best coffee spots, tourist traps and how to get the most out of this new city would be an added bonus.

4. Meet a diverse range of people
Your people skills will mature with constant exposure to different types of people enabling you to gauge and understand both friends and foes alike.

5. Make lifelong friends
Befriending and keeping in touch with every single person you meet is not a realistic thought but you are bound to make one lifelong friend.

6. Discover new and exciting foods
Introduce paella /poutine / schnitzel /shawarma /chimichanga /bobotie /donburi/baklava to change the flavor of your life.

7. Study and learn differently
A completely new way of teaching can be intimidating but it can also be refreshing and serve to open new vistas of your mind.

8. Gain independence
Freedom another temptation causing you to leap and grab the opportunity to study abroad.

9. Learn self-reliance
With independence comes responsibility. Becoming more self reliant so that you own up to your decisions and rely less on others is another great aspect of moving abroad.

10. You’ll gain a greater knowledge of different culture
Develop the quality of cultural sensitivity and become a more tolerant and flexible member of the society.

11. See your own culture through a new lens
Gaining a different perspective of your home culture will enable you to see beyond the absolute facts of your cultural heritage and understand it better.

12. Learn more about yourself
It’s a great way to grow as person which one does when faced with a new environment.

13. Become an adult
The transition to becoming an adult by fending for ourselves on our own is sped when you venture into the unknown.

14. Gain life experience
Studying abroad will be a life changing experience for you. Unforeseen situations, being independent and self sufficient, all of this will be like condensing your life in one suitcase.

15. Be spontaneous and adventurous
Open your minds to new ways. Spontaneity and adventure will be your best friends and bring fun your way.

16. You learn to appreciate the smaller things more
Learn to value and appreciate the little things which were always taken for granted such as your parent’s cooking, a new pair of shoes.

17. Gain a global mind-set
You will be able to build your future through your firm beliefs developed by the new global mindset you will acquire on your journey.

18. Get the perks of international student discounts
Shop and get student discounts, totally awesome and fun.

19. It’s an unforgettable experience
Your study abroad experience will be like a beautiful memory being replayed over and over as you will move on with your life.

20. You’ll appreciate your home and family more
Your relationships will become stronger as you will be focusing on the positives and forgetting the less attractive attributes of your loved ones.

21. International student funding is becoming more common
Dedicated scholarships and student aids are available which would ensure that you are not left penniless.

22. Take advantage of lower tuition fees
There are reputed universities offering courses on low tution fees.

23. Use your spare time to explore
The spare time between lectures and lab sessions can be used productively by wearing your exploring shoes and going out rather than investing time scrolling through facebook.

24. Increase your international job prospects
Whether you decide to stay put and apply for a working visa or return to your hometown, the international experience gained by studying abroad will make you a favorable choice for employers.

25. Because “variety is the spice of life”
The above saying truly befits the experience that you gain by studying abroad. New experiences, new people, new environment, so indulge and enjoy life truly with its varied colors.