Family and settlement The aspect is much clearer in terms of people coming to UK for some time and then those come to settle. The objective is to attract best workers, making contribution to the economy and society during their stay. People coming to fill temporary skill gaps should not have access to permanent settlement. Student migration All will be done to protect the world class academic institutions above and below degree level. The objective is to make sure that every student is a legitimate student following a legitimate course. Action to strengthen the student visa route will help protect the unsuspecting from being defrauded. Private Sector Proposals have been consulted to raise the standards through tougher requirements on sponsors and students. Entitlement to work The primary objective of studying in the UK must be to study, not to work or to acquire long term residency status. The proposed thought is that in future student dependants should only be able to take skilled jobs, in tier 2 of point based system. And a student may only sponsor a dependant if the course is of more than 12 months duration. Length of stay The idea is to get to a situation where students complete their courses in a timely manner and only seek to prolong their studies where there is a good academic reason for so doing. Working after graduation Normally students as temporary migrants should leave the UK upon completion of their studies. But the most talented should stay and contribute. The proposed is that the students be able to switch to tier 2 jobs but they must have an offer from the sponsor rather than an unfettered access to the UK. Differentiation Measures will be taken to make the visa system more flexible and compatible. Next steps: The desired actions required are that a strong framework for student migration will require education providers to tighten and improve their selection and recruitment procedures. The emphasis will be on the quality. This will generate public confidence in the immigration system, welcoming all the legitimate international students to study in UK.