From 22 March 2014, the Migration Regulations 1994 (the Regulations) are amended to give effect to recommendations 3 and 4 of the Review of the Student Visa Assessment Level Framework 2013 (AL Framework Review) which recommend that the assessment level framework be simplified to comprise of assessment levels 1, 2 and 3 and that the financial requirements for assessment level 3 applicants be reduced to 12 months evidence of funds provided by a close relative.
In addition, the Regulation will support recommendation 1 of the AL Framework Review by clarifying the criteria that must be satisfied by applicants for the grant of a subclass 573 (Higher Education Sector) visa, a subclass 574 (Postgraduate Research Sector) visa or a subclass 575 (Non–Award Sector) visa under the streamlined visa processing arrangements.  Relevantly, the associated amendments for this clarification will also have the effect of specifying that the streamlined visa processing arrangements are not limited to university education providers.
These amendments are consequent to the joint announcement made in October 2013 by the Hon. Christopher Pyne MP, Minister for Education, and the Hon. Scott Morrison MP, Minister for Immigration and Border Protection.