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Scholarship Offers

University of Hertfordshire Scholarships

  • Graduate Scholarship- 20% of tuition fee
  • Chancellor’s International Scholarship- Amounting to GBP2000
  • UH Family Scholarship- 20% of tuition fee
  • MBA Professionals Scholarship- Amounting to GBP6100

University of Kent Scholarships

  • Academic Excellence 2012 (£2,000 per annum)
  • Scholarships for International students worth £5000 p.a. (up to 3 years of study): For undergraduate students only (Closing date: 31 May 2012)
  • School of Arts International Undergraduate Scholarships (£1,000 on the 1st year fee)
  • School of Psychology UG Scholarship Amounting £2,000

University of Leicester Scholarship

  • Postgraduate Scholarship: Amounting £2500 (35 No)
  • International Foundation Scholarship Amounting £3500

Lancaster University Scholarship

  • International Foundation Scholarship Amounting £3500

Leeds Metropolitan University

  • 10% early payment discount
  • 10% discounts for postgraduate courses
  • International Scholarship: £1,500 scholarship for common wealth students.

University of Bedfordshire Scholarships

  • £1,500 when 65% of fee has been paid at or before registration.
  • £2,500 when full MBA fee paid

Glasgow Caledonian University Scholarship

  • GCU Scholarships: Depending on your programme of study, you may be eligible for a partial scholarship of between £500 and £2000
  •  Departmental Scholarship from 500—2000 Pounds

Middlesex University Scholarships & Awards

  • Regional Awards to potential international students worth £1500

University of Derby Scholarships

  • Scholarships up to £1000 are available based on academic merit.

London Metropolitan University Scholarships

  • Merit Scholarships:  Amounting £1,000 from tuition fees.
  • A 5% discount is available if annual fees are paid in full by or at enrolment.


Stratfordshire University Scholarship

  • £1,000 Scholarship for international students enrolling for the first time (only for 1st year study)
  • 15% International Alumni Discount

Charles Sturt University Scholarship

  • CSU Merit Scholarship 3936 AUD
  • CSU Living Allowance Scholarship 3936 AUD

La Trobe Melbourne Scholarship

  • Diploma Scholarships up to 2000AUD Discount on first year fee

Curtin University Sydney Scholarship

  • 25% discount on first fee in addition 2000AUD discount if deposit paid before 01st September2012

SIBT in association with Macquarie University Scholarship

  • 25% discount on first year fee for students, achieved 70% marks in Intermediate in addition 2000AUD Discount if Deposit paid 01st September2012


Robert Gordon University Scholarship

Merit Scholarships: Every year Robert Gordon University offers Merit scholarships to postgraduate students on a wide range of courses. Architecture, Art and Design, Business Management, Computing, Engineering, Health, IT, Biomedical, Law and social sciences

University of Glasgow Scholarship

The University of Glasgow will apply a discount to the international fees for new one year full-time postgraduate taught masters courses starting in September 2012. Value: £1000

INTO Scholarships

  • Scholarships available for the International Foundation Programmes starting in September 2012 and January 2013:
  • International Foundation in Business and Management, valued up to £12,450
  • International Foundation in Humanities and Social Sciences, valued up to £12,250
  • International Foundation in Physical Sciences and Engineering, valued up to £13,490
  • International Foundation in Biological and Biomedical Sciences, valued up to £13,490
  • International Diploma scholarships valued at £12,450
  • Scholarships cover a total of one year's tuition. You will receive the first half of the scholarship while on your pathway programme, and the second half when you begin your degree.

KAPLAN International Colleges Scholarships

  • Undergraduate Education Scholarship - worth a £3000
  • Distinction Scholarship £750 If acheieve 70% OR above at NTU
  • Postgraduate Scholarships for Education - worth a £2000
  • In addition to this, all students who confirm their place by paying a £1,000 deposit to the University by an agreed cut-off date will be given a £500 discount on their university course.






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