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About MBA

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

Master of Business Administration (MBA) is an internationally recognised management qualification aimed at talented, ambitious and well-qualified people with solid business experience.

MBA from the UK
• thoroughly prepares students for higher level, policy-forming positions
• allows students to make a successful career move from one field or industry to another
• allows a smooth progression from a technical specialism to general management
• polishes the skills and enhances the abilities of people working for themselves or about to set up in business

• A broad understanding of business and management issues
• Strategic orientation and the ability to successfully implement the strategies formulated
• Development of management skills, techniques and competences
• Self-awareness as a manager and leader
• Career Development:
• Enhanced promotion prospects
• New career opportunities

The MBA has a beginning, a middle and an end. It evolves throughout the course of the student's academic experience beginning with managerial basics, expanding to encompass a strategic and international business orientation and then allowing students to steer their learning into areas of managerial study and choose from the widest range of specialisms of their own choice.

Develop Business & Management Skills
The MBA promises to develop in students a much deeper understanding of current business and management issues. It gives them a new range of managerial skills and techniques.

An International Learning Experience
The MBA from the UK allows students to acquire a wide range of business and management knowledge and personal managerial skills. This is achieved through varied means. Teaching is by lectures, case studies, tutorials, role playing exercises, skills building workshops and business simulations. Student learning is assessed by a combination of examinations, coursework and presentations. Experience of working in groups and collaborative study as well as working on individual assignments and exam preparation makes for a very healthy and unique international learning experience.












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